With the General Entry now closed, 40 countries have registered for taking part in the WUCC in June 2020. With this number of participating countries it looks like this edition of the WUCC will be a recordbreaking edition!

Big (student) cycling countries Germany, Poland and Australia and host The Netherlands were certainties for registration. But the OC is pleased to welcome a lot of other countries to Nijmegen in 2020 as well. It looks like the 2020 edition will have the highest number of participating countries at a WUCC this far.

40 Delegations will travel to The Netherlands to fight for the titel “World Champion of student cycling“ in four disciplines. Some of these delegations will be large, with a lot of staff and coaches travelling with the cyclists and some countries will be represented by a single athlete. Although exact numbers of participating athletes will not be available until March, the OC is delighted with the amount of registrations and interest for this event and is even more motivated to make the event a huge succes!